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Monday, March 30, 2009

One Night I Went Home with 14 Free Books...

...maybe even more. I came from the ninja party of book lusters. I was so drunk with books I wasn't sure. And it's all because I'm a member of www.bookmooch.com. I'll let one of the bookmoochratis explain what all this is about.

Blooey tells you the story of how a bunch of Filipino bibliophiles revived the surface mail industry. It's an exciting story that involves worldwide treasure hunts, destroyed canvas bags, and a subpoena for a hapless customs officer.

And me, I'm just on the fringes of this story. 14 books is a slow day for Blooey and her ilk.

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  1. Hi Gege! Oh my goodness! I should definitely give bookmooch a try.



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