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Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Reading Nook Unveiled

It's still work in progress. Still have a few more books to shelve. And the rest of the room is still a mess. But I'm loving my reading nook. I pretty much read everywhere else, but this is where I read at night, a few steps away from the bed where my husband snores away. That floor to ceiling shelf filters the light so he does not complain so much now about the light getting in the way of his beauty sleep.

It is as cozy as it looks. And it is my corner. At least, it's mine until we get cable, and then this lounge chair will double up for TV watching, and the battle for the remote and the comfy chair resumes. In the meantime, this corner is mine.

I also do my knitting and daydreaming here.


  1. Gege, this is such a lovely nook! I sorely envy you.

  2. I'm jealous. I have small bookcases scattered around the house, but nothing this magnificent.

  3. You're making me so inggit to knit Tita Gege! Sonya



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