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Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am Gege. And okay, I admit it now, I am addicted to books. And book buying. And my husband does not like it. But confessions are necessary. And therapeutic. So, I'm showing here the view from under my desk where the recent loot is in temporary confinement until my husband goes out to play golf. When I, away from his prying eyes and judging heart, can put them into their rightful alphabetical places.

Shhh, don't tell my husband.


  1. I won't tell. And I hope your hubby doesn't read your blog either.:)

  2. ahahaha. ako naman every time i go home carrying a big plastic bag of booksale loot i would RUN FAST TO MY ROOM para hindi ma-sight ng mom ko who is always curious what i brought home, otherwise she'd be mad that i brought "kalat pampasikip at pampagulo ng bahay" again to make her life difficult (since puno na ang mga bookshelves).

  3. Can totally relate! I normally hide stuff from my mom too, lalo na yday when I looted from the FB sale again.
    ssssh my office desk is filled with books as well! :P

  4. Hi Gege! Oh my goodness! Blackmail material, this is! What if your husband accidentally stumbles upon this blog?

  5. @peter, you know what they say about adulterers -- deep inside, they want to be found out. hehe.

  6. i sneak books into the house too, using a laptop bag! :)



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