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Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Entry

Welcome to the most creative post title in the world!

I tread slowly. Tiptoeing. Like maybe no one will notice how I am again adding to the world wide clutter. A little ashamed that I'm starting another blog.

Why a new one? Because I can. Also because I'm trying to reorganize my blog life. So here I am starting a new blog, which will be 100% dedicated to books. Yeay! Books!

It wasn't an easy decision to make. I felt that writing about books leads to writing about travel and food and art and people and thoughts and faith and feelings and and other things that fill my days and color my life, and so I wanted to put all of these into one mad jumble of a blog. But, it became a jumble too mad to handle. So here it is. My blog about books. Yeay! Books!

About books. Like I said in my shelfari profile, I can live without 'em. But really, what's the point? Books are great. They smell good. They look good lined up on my shelf. They're cheaper than shoes. Most of the time, they're non-fattening. Shopping for them doesn't make me feel fat. Yeay! Books!

But mostly, they're great because of what's inside them. Trees died so that I could read about other people's stories that make me think about my story. Thank you, trees. You didn't die in vain. Because of your sacrifice, I learn, I enjoy, I stay away from my other vices, and I become a slightly better/smarter/more informed/happier human being one book at a time. Uhm, all together now, Yeay! Books!

Okay, I'm being flip. And that reminds me of the Flippers (I'm glad there's no fine for cheesy segues). The Flippers luv, luv, luv books. Online and in our monthly book discussions, we just can't stop talking about books. You'll know more about them in my future posts.

Oh, future posts. There's those. So I better cut this short now and leave some for another day.

Yeay, books!

You might get confused. This is the first entry; why are there 2 million posts before this. Those posts were transferred from my previous blog.


  1. Congratulations on the new blog, Gege.:) Don't worry about adding to the world-wide clutter. Some of us live for it.:P

  2. Goodluck with the new blog! I know this is one blog of yours that is sure not to stale...hehehe

  3. Hi, Gege! The new blog is fabulous! Looking forward to your reviews!

  4. Hi! Love the visuals on the banner and the blog title. Yous seem to be bursting with words all the time; so I'm sure this blog will be another one of those entertaining endeavors. Will be following you! :)



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