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Friday, January 1, 2010

Santa Came Bearing Books

A few days after Christmas, our balikbayan box** from Chicago came. Such glee! The first joy came from sniffing that heady, some kind of wonderful scent that always accompanies luggage and packages from the US. And then the goodies spilled forth. Among them were books! It's like Christmas eve again.

These are books from my sister-in-law Pat's shelves. Thanks, 'tePat! Is it bad to wish for a perennial lack of storage space so you would keep on throwing books our way?

The books in the foreground found a loving home in my shelves. And the Garth Nix books behind went to my niece, Dani. Not included in the picture is a Far Side hardbound addressed to my hubbalicious. I devoured it as it came just when I needed a quick read to meet my 60-book challenge.

Thanks for the books and the goodies, Te'Pat.

What got me squealing were these two books. My first ever Amazon purchases. I had them mailed to Chicago to save on freight and the hassle of dealing with misguided tax collectors.

This is The Little Prince pop-up book. Gorgeous, gorgeous book recommended by Blooey. To add to my just-started collection of Little Prince books. Even if I weren't collecting, I would still love to have this pop-up version, now one of my prized possessions. I've already read it, but it went back into the plastic bag for protection.

Kurt Cobain's Journals -- this is a book I've been lusting for since 2003 when I saw it in a US bookstore. I balked at the $20 ticket then, but I've never forgotten it, and it has haunted my mind and my wishlist for all those years. And now, I am so happy it's moving from my wishlist to my book inventory. This one would take a longer, slower read.

Okay, now that I'm done sniffing and squealing, let's get some reading done.

A wonderful 2010 to everyone! May you have all the books your heart desires and all the time to read and enjoy them!

** Care package in a jumbo box

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  1. i LOVE that little prince pop-up. i've been drooling over it the longest time! lucky you :) is amazon really much cheaper?



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