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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Reading Plan: 10 Points for 2010

Leveling up from 2009, I will:
  1. read a total of 70 books this year
  2. complete the A to Z challenge
  3. read at least 6 classics, guided by Italo Calvino's Why Read the Classics
  4. read all FFP book discussion assignments
  5. read at least 2 books on writing (Margaret Atwood's, Stephen King's, etc.)
  6. read at least 5 travel/ travel writing books
  7. finally read 100 Years of Solitude
  8. read at least 3 biographies
  9. blog at least 50 posts here, and
  10. read the bible slowly, more deeply studying it book by book
That's the plan, Stan. (old Sesame Street allusion that dates me.)

And, hey, this ties in with Jenny Loves to Read's Challenge.


  1. Of those promises for 2010 you listed, I think the most difficult would be reading the Bible. That is a challenge to read it from cover to cover.

    Maybe I should put that as a personal challenge next year. :)

  2. Yes, Jo. It is a challenge, but I think a worthwhile one. I've actually read the bible from cover to cover twice. The first time in one year, and the second round in 2 years, with a lot of long intervals when I stopped reading. Now, I'm just trying to read more slowly and understand more.



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