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Sunday, November 21, 2010


My husband keeps on bugging me, "So how many books did you buy? So how many books did you buy?"

So here it is. I bought 28 books for only P2,080.00 at the National Book Store Book Bazaar. If you do the math, that's P74.29 per book. That average was supposed to be lower because most of the books were from the P20, P30, P50, and P75 peso piles. But I did a last minute grab of some 200 peso fashion books. It's Tisha's fault for tempting me.

My friend Tisha shopped with me, and she had a shocked, or was it an exasperated look, on her face when I said "wala akong gana mag-shopping ng books." (I don't feel like shopping for books) while I was lugging that heavy, red basket.

Some of those are for gifts, a few for mooching away and for book swaps, but we all know I'm a selfish book bitch, so there's a stash for my personal library as well.

I'm trying my best to stay away and not go for another round. I have tied a ball chain around my ankle. I'm on self imposed house arrest until November 29. My husband has posted APB photos of me in Market, Market and warned the guards about me. But you, you, you still have the chance to go.

Just watch out for rabid shoppers maniacally ripping the unopened boxes, filling carts and carts of books. They're from my book club. Please bear with them -- they're sick people with weak self control and almost zero EQ.

P.S. I've already given one book away; that's why there are only 27 books in the photo.


  1. Rabid book club member on the way to the bazaar for round 2!

    My husband has given up on trying to find a place for my books. Blooey came over yesterday and she saw the overflowing shelves.

    I think he's planning to give me a Kindle for Christmas. (*crosses fingers*)

  2. One can never have too many books! I am so loving your bibliophilia, Gege!



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