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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Certifiable Nerd

Congratulate me! Today, I kicked my procrastinating habit.

Only 2 days after my entry was published in Philippine Star's National Book Store promo, I headed over to their Marketing office at Pioneer Street and claimed my gift checks!

For a moment, I entertained the thought that I would save those GCs for a rainy day, or when I have completed a judiciously compiled list of books I really want/need to have. But, because I am no longer a procrastinator (I am so proud of the new me), I wasted no time in going to the bookstore and buying something I've been lusting for for months.


This is an upgrade from my original target model (MWD 460) and almost double the price. So this pretty much ate up my winnings. But this one has 400,000 definitions, as opposed to MWD 460's 274,000. Plus MWD is Advanced (for grades 9 and up), while the obviously inferior MWD 450 is only for grades 6 and up. I have no idea what value that adds to my life, but it sounds so much more impressive, doesn't it?

My new toy takes the place of seven books -- Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, Merriam-Webster's Guide to Punctuation and Style, Franklin's Thesaurus, a comprehensive Grammar Guide, Biographical and Geographical dictionary extracts from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Eleventh Edition, and even a 5-language Translator. Whew! So powerful, it feels like a penile extension!
And that means I don't have to lug around that 12-pound dictionary in my purse anymore. Goodbye, backaches.
Hello, new and wonderful toy.

By the way, it also has word games like Hangman, Anagrams, Word Builder, etc.

When I was just shopping around for one, I decided on the Franklin models because the other brands did not have a pronunciation feature. And that was a deal breaker. Every once in a while, I suffer mild amnesia and I forget how the word implacable is pronounced, so I really, really need that feature.

So, I better end this entry so I can play with my new toy.

Thank you, National Bookstore! I love you so much; if I had kids, they'd be named Naty and Onal.

This blog post and how I decided to splurge my gift checks just earned me the right to be called Nerdette. Thanks, Mike, for the new nick. By the way, the word butyraceous is not part of the 400k. Dang. Imaginary penis just got shorter.


  1. Hilarious, Ge! Congratulations again and have fun with the new toy.:)

  2. "So powerful, it feels like a penile extension!" LOL!!

  3. Congratulations, Gege! How I wish that this gadget would be for swapping during our book discussion. Hehehe.

  4. Gege, it's BUTYRACEOUS not BUTRACEOUS. I think it'll be there :-)

  5. Niiice. I used to have a couple Franklin dictionaries when I was in grade school, I don't know where they went!



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