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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Flip Pages While...

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Toilit. I can't remember who invented the term, or from whom I heard it first, surely one of my online book club friends. A witty and appropriate portmanteau that refers to the stuff you read within the confines of your bathroom, powder room, CR, WC, restroom, washroom, the loo, whatever you call it.

Bookworm or not, one usually needs something to read while doing the no. 2; for enthusiastic water drinkers, even the no. 1. Even in the direst of emergencies, I always have to have something to read. When outside the home, preferably in some 5-star hotel lobby rest room, I still need to have a book or a magazine with me. There's almost always a bible in my purse, so the good book literally and spiritually saves me.

At home, there are always books close to the ceramic throne.

Here's my stash.

Just kidding. Doing the no. 2 while my brain spurts blood through my nose is not an attractive thing and is hell for the bathroom rug cleaner.

Here's what I really read.

Just kidding. Uhm, no I'm not. Well, kidding just a little.

Seriously, I usually take whatever I'm reading at the moment. Or I grab something from this basket where I keep a couple of short story books. I'm in the middle of 2 themed anthologies:
  • Gothic! Ten Original Dark Tales, each tale from a different author like Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, among others, et al
  • Faith Stories, with contributions from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nathaniel Hawthorn, Salman Rushdie, Amy Tan, Yukio Mishima, et al.
Given the time limitation, short stories make sense, right? The basket also contains a few prayer devotional books to start the day right and one by Zig Ziglar for picker-uppper quotes for self affirmation.

There you go. So, what's your toilit?


  1. Hi, Gege! My toilit would be:

    - The Most of P.G. Wodehouse (tres funny)
    - The Collected Stories of Patricia Highsmith
    - Time magazines

    All these are for no. 2 of course.

  2. Mine is the newspaper for the day. I do my No. 2 very fast, so no books =D

  3. For a moment there, I felt Twilight Zone-y when I got to your site. I didn't realize you changed your theme. Looks very hip.:)

    Anyway, I take whatever I'm currently reading at the time. Like, even if I'm near the bathroom and I really have to go, but the book is upstairs in our room, will still dash up to the room to get it.

  4. Often, Flips Flipping Pages Book of the Month, currently Saramago's Blindness.



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