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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Talk about procrastination. The last time I joined National Book Store's My Favorite Book Contest was back in 2003 when I wrote about Lonely Planet Philippines. Back then, I told myself that it was a great way to earn free books and that I would submit an entry every year.

Fast forward to the second to the last month of 2010. I finally got round to submitting another entry. There's no accounting for the 6 years in between.

Chosen contest entries get published in the Sunday Lifestyle section of Philippine Star. Weekly winners get gift certificates to National Book Store. I haven't received my prize yet, but I have already used them up in the shopping mall of my mind.

You still have a few weeks to participate if you want to. And let's hope they continue this promotion for 2011 and many more years.

Some sentences seem to have wrong syntax because the editors took away my em-dashes. I wonder what they have against dashes.

PS: I was reading the old post about Lonely Planet Philippines. Ngark! I spelled palate as palette and couch as coach. How embarrassing.

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