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Friday, April 8, 2011

9th Hour

So, let's face it. I'm not a power reader.

8 hours down. I've only finished one book. One that is filled with pictures.

And my second book has terribly small font.

And I'm going 3 pages per hour.

But I have:
gone to the washroom 3 times
fixed a cold cut platter that looked at first like it was enough to feed a small army, but actually didn't last very long
taken 158 photos,
handled the hourly book draw using random.org and distributed 7 prizes,
doodled a wedding cake,
and blogged 1.92 posts.

In the meantime, there are 10 of us left here at Libreria:
4 are sleeping
1 is playing Citiville
1 is actually reading, gasping at shocking developments at Sweet Valley High,
4 are doing a drink-a-thon and talking loudly like drunk people do
and 1 is revealing all this in this blog, and wondering at 5:46 AM about where to go for breakfast and how long I could last not taking a shower.

And I haven't slept a wink.

Watch out for the next update. XOXO

Sweeping Spider Webs

Spider web on my blog. Sweeping them aside. Surprise, it's still here!

And I'm back here because I'm in the FFP 24-Hour Readathon at Libreria, the greatest bookstore in the universe. And I'm doing everything other than actually read. So, I'm blogging.

This readathon is semi-connected to the Dewey 24-hour readathon. We're just doing ours 23 hours ahead to accommodate the Philippine time zone.

Will update more later. I have to start pretending to read. ;)


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