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Friday, April 8, 2011

9th Hour

So, let's face it. I'm not a power reader.

8 hours down. I've only finished one book. One that is filled with pictures.

And my second book has terribly small font.

And I'm going 3 pages per hour.

But I have:
gone to the washroom 3 times
fixed a cold cut platter that looked at first like it was enough to feed a small army, but actually didn't last very long
taken 158 photos,
handled the hourly book draw using random.org and distributed 7 prizes,
doodled a wedding cake,
and blogged 1.92 posts.

In the meantime, there are 10 of us left here at Libreria:
4 are sleeping
1 is playing Citiville
1 is actually reading, gasping at shocking developments at Sweet Valley High,
4 are doing a drink-a-thon and talking loudly like drunk people do
and 1 is revealing all this in this blog, and wondering at 5:46 AM about where to go for breakfast and how long I could last not taking a shower.

And I haven't slept a wink.

Watch out for the next update. XOXO


  1. "1 is actually reading, gasping at shocking developments at Sweet Valley High"

    -- ako yun!

  2. I love the coldplatter photo (*dying of envy*). I am cheering you on from across a 3-hour and a half plane ride. Have fun everyone! Hope you guys had a great breakfast.

  3. Hallo :) Read, read, read :)

    What's happening in Libreria na? Update us!

  4. I laughed out loud reading this post. Of course Blooey was "gasping at the shocking developments at Sweet Valley High"! You are such a great Gossip Girl, keep it up, please! Those of us who can't be there really feel the vibe with posts like these. :)

  5. thanks for laugh, gege! i just started dusting off my book blog too ;)



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