I buy books. And sometimes I read them. This blog is for the times when I do more than just store shelf candy.

The Flipper

I love books. Understatement alert.

It seems though that my love for acquiring them surpasses my love for reading them. Hence, these reviews are meant to assuage my guilty conscience. Through this site, I am feeding the illusion that I am accomplishing something. My reviews are not at all academic. I'm not using any theoretical frameworks. Marxist and feminist theories will remain undisturbed in the spider-webbed attic of my brain. It's mostly speaking from my gut reaction to the books I read. Sometimes I go off tangent and start talking about concepts the book inspired me to ponder over.

As to my book preferences, I have a mixed bag (i hate to say eclectic) of genres - almost equally split between fiction and non-fiction. For fiction, my favorite authors are Jose Saramago, Margaret Atwood, and Carol Shields, but I'm still discovering more. I'm willing to try almost everything, but I have an unexplained aversion to fantasy genres. I'm trying though. My reading group, Flips Flipping Pages, has discussed a number of fantasy books that I probably wouldn't read in other circumstances.

My non-fiction books include: biographies, art, fashion, home, photography, crafts, culinary, travel, Christian, and a lot of books I use for my teaching and training professions. Lots of books about communication. I particularly like Sage publications.


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